Values & Sustainability

Planning for the long-term. Thinking ahead and designing with vision. Showing courage. All of this has defined the Steinmeyer Group from generation to generation. At the same time, despite our modernity, we are united by a tradition: the desire to practise solid handcraft and to develop it sustainably. That is what guided us to this point.


Our Values

Technically inspired vision and absolute passion. An explorer mentality and down-to-earth modesty. Analytical approach and the look for new challenges. Being focused and thinking out of the box. All opposites? Not for us. Simply what we call "Engineering Made in Germany".

We go our own way and create values that turn into additional benefits for our global customers. This is how trust is founded - in our work, in our thinking and in our innovative strength.


We are transparent and honest with our customers. We communicate clearly and you can trust our word.


We provide a unique know-how. We solve our customers' challenges. Thoughtfully, smartly and reliably.


Our corporate culture is characterized by understatement, but we are always satisfied with the best. We know what we can provide and do not promise too much.


Sustainability at Steinmeyer

Steinmeyer is committed to establishing sustainable values as an integral part of its business activities. We are aware of our economic, ecological and social responsibility. We also self-identify with the region in which we operate.


Latest projects and focus topics

Our production sites are focused on areas in which our organization has a particular influence and can achieve the greatest potential benefits for people and the environment.


Steinmeyer Verhaltenskodex

Our Code of Conduct is a key element for sustainable economic value enhancement.
With our Code of Conduct, we provide a framework in which the fundamental rules for various areas of our business activities and social interactions are defined. Our goal is to implement this Code of Conduct in our daily activities and to use it as a guideline for the way how we interact with our fellow human beings.