• Steinmeyer History

    The Steinmeyer Group's past is a look back into German industrial history. It tells the story of three German companies that rooted their beginnings in precision engineering. Companies with a passion for precision, innovation and German engineering.

    Until the middle of the 20th century, they experienced expansion and success, but also crises and wars. The Second World War finally split the nation. After German reunification, one country came together, as well as the traditional companies that still represent the Steinmeyer Group today. Together, they went through crises, maintained the tried and tested and tried something new. The companies grew stronger as a united group.

    If you count up the age of the traditional companies today, you end up with over 400 years of experience, development and innovation.

  • Years of Foundation

    2000 USA branch

    Founded by Alexander and Joachim Beck

    1992 Steinmeyer Group

    Founded by Alexander and Joachim Beck by the merger of the sites

    1920 Albstadt site

    Founded by August Steinmeyer

    1878 Suhl site

    Founded by Friedrich Keilpart

    1872 Dresden site

    Founded by Gustav Heyde

  • 1970